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Part IB Physics B - Electromagnetism


Handouts are available on the physics teaching web pages for this course.

Other Links

Some of these may be out of date - please let CJBF know if so, or if you find any other good links.

Some very nice electromagnetic field lines demonstrations from John Belcher at MIT and the main index page there for electricity and magnetism.

A "hyper-physics" tour of electromagnetism and of the whole of physics.

Visualisations of electromagnetic systems (by MIT).

More visualisations of electromagnetic systems, made using Matlab (by MIT).

Very interesting simulations from, e.g.:

Parallel-Plate Waveguide Simulations (by, eg this one.

Java solution of Poisson's equation for a capacitor whose plates can be dragged around.

Some pretty pictures of the northern lights (aurora borealis).

Information about Maxwell.

Chris Ford