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Semiconductor Physics Group



Currently employed as a researcher in quantum information science in the Toshiba Cambridge laboratory. Completed my PhD in direct laser inscription of quantum photonic circuits with the group of Michael Withford in the Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), Australia. 


I enjoy learning about applications of interesting physical concepts. In particular I enjoy learning about the production and application of single photons. You can learn more here.


Key publications: 

 A. J. Bennett, J. P. Lee, D. J. P. Ellis, T. Meany, E. Murray, F. Floether,  J. P. Griffiths, I. Farrer, D. Ritchie, and A. J. Shields, “Cavity-enhanced coherent light scattering from a quantum dot," arXiv:1508.01637 (2015).

E. Murray, D. J. P. Ellis, T. Meany, F. Floether, J. P. Lee, J. P. Griffiths, G. A. C. Jones, I. Farrer, D. Ritchie, A. J. Bennett, and A. J. Shields, “Quantum photonics hybrid integration platform," arXiv:1507.0025 and submitted to Applied Physics Letters (2015).

T. Meany, M. Grafe, R. Heilmann, A. Perez-Leija, S. Gross, M. J. Steel, M. J. Withford, and A. Szameit, "Laser written circuits for quantum photonics,” Laser and Photonics Reviews 9, 363–384 (2015). Featured on front cover.

T. Meany*, D. N. Biggerstaff*, M. A. Broome, A. Fedrizzi, M Delanty, A. Gilchrist, M. J. Steel, A White and M. J. Withford, “Engineering integrated photonics for heralded quantum gates,” arXiv:1502.03386 (2015).

Z. Chaboyer, T. Meany, L. Helt, M. J. Steel, and M. J. Withford, “Tuneable quantum interference in a 3D integrated circuit” Scientific Reports 5, 9601 (2015)

T. Meany, Lutfi A. Nagh, Matthew J. Collins, Alex S. Clark, Benjamin J. Eggleton, M. J. Steel, M. J. Withford, Olivier Alibart, and Sebastian Tanzilli, “Hybrid photonic circuit for multiplexed heralded single photons,” Laser and Photonics Reviews 8, L42-46 (2014).

T. Meany, S. Gross, A. Arriola, N. Janovic, M. J. Steel, and M. J. Withford, “Towards low loss lightwave circuits for non-classical optics at 800 nm and 1550 nm,” (Invited) Applied Physics A, 114, 113-118 (2013).

T. Meany, M. Delanty, S. Gross, G. D. Marshall, M. J. Steel, and M. J. Withford, “Non-classical interference in integrated 3d multiports,” Opt. Express 20, 26895– 26905 (2012).

Other publications: 

T. Meany, “Ultrafast lasers write quantum circuits,” (Invited) Laser Focus World, July, 25-27 (2014). Featured on front cover.

Research scientist for Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.
Dr Thomas David Meany
Not available for consultancy